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Auto Service Managers
Eight service managers keep customers' vehicles moving at Cozy Valley Motors.
February 20, 2006
By clue 12, Pete's office is between those of Mr. Jackson and the Buick service manager. By clue 5, Steve's job isn't as the Buick service manager, nor is he Jackson (21); Steve doesn't work in either office next to Pete. By clue 19, Steve's office is between Mr. Dailey's and the Kia service manager's. If Steve and Pete had one office between theirs, then either Jackson would be the Kia service manager--no (13)--or Dailey would service Buick owners--no by clue 6. We now test whether Pete and Steve have two offices between theirs. By clue 2, Mike has his office between those of Mr. Hayden and the Dodge service manager. Since Pete isn't the Dodge expert (11) or Mr. Hayden (8), Mike doesn't have his office to Pete's. Similarly, since Steve doesn't service Dodges (5) and isn't Hayden (21), Mike doesn't have his office next to Steve's. So, Mike's office would be to the outside of Pete's or Steve's office in the row. Since Hayden isn't the Kia service manager (17) and Dailey isn't the Dodge rep (6), Mike would have to have at least two offices between his and Steve's--impossible, since that would put Mike in an outside office, which he doesn't have (2). So, Mike would have to work one office away from Pete; and since Jackson isn't the Dodge service manager (13), Buick service manager Hayden would have to have the office between Pete and Mike. Mike and Steve would work in the offices next to the outside ones. The Dodge service manager would have the end office next to Mike's (2), while Mr. Jackson would have the office next to Pete toward Steve's office (12). By clue 16, Mr. Alvarez's office is between those of Ted and the Hyundai service manager. If Pete were at Mr. Alvarez, Mr. Jackson would be the Hyundai service manager, which he isn't (18). Because Ted isn't Jackson (18), Mr. Alvarez also couldn't have the office between Jackson's and Steve's. If Steve were Alvarez, by clues 16 and 19, Ted would work as the Kia service manager--no (9). Therefore, there is no way for the arrangement of Pete and Steve having two offices between theirs to work. Now we try three offices between those of Steve and Pete. Since Steve isn't the Dodge service manager (5) and isn't Hayden (21), Mike in clue 2 can't have the office next to Steve's; nor can Mike have an office to the outside of Steve's or he would be in an end office and isn't (2). If Mike were in the office one apart from both Steve's and Pete's, by clues 2 and 19, Hayden would be the Kia rep--no (17)--or Dailey would be the Dodge service manager--also no (6). By clues 2 and 12, if Mike's office were next to Pete's, Pete would be the Dodge rep, which he isn't (11), or he would be Hayden, which he isn't (8). So, Mike's office would be two away from Pete's to the outside of Pete's--but this would put Mike in an outside office and contradict clue 2. So, the only arrangement that works is that there are four other offices between those where Steve and Pete work, putting them in the offices just inside the two outside offices. Again, since neither Steve (21, 5) nor Pete (8, 11) is Hayden or the Dodge service manager, Mike isn't in an office next to either of them (2). If Mike were separated from Steve by one office, then by clues 2 and 19, Hayden would serve Kia owners--no (17)--or Dailey would be the Dodge rep--also no (6). So, Mike is separated from Pete by one office; and since Jackson isn't the Dodge service manager (13), by clues 2 and 12, Buick rep Hayden has his office between theirs. Then Jackson is in the outside office next to Pete's (12), and the Dodge service manager has his office next to Mike's on the other side of Hayden (2). Since Jackson isn't the Hyundai service manager (18), Pete isn't Mr. Alvarez (16), nor is Mike, since he has the Buick and Dodge reps on either side of him and not the Hyundai service manager (16). If Steve were Alvarez, Ted would have to be the Kia service manager (16, 19), which he isn't (9). Mr. Alvarez isn't the Dodge rep (4). Alvarez must have the office between the Dodge rep's and Steve's. Then Steve works as the Hyundai service manager and Ted as the Dodge one (16). By clue 19, Alvarez is the Kia service manager, and Dailey has the office on the outside of the row next to Steve's. By clue 7, Mr. Bryant helps Jeep owners and is thus Pete or Mike. Since Ray has his office next to Bryant's (7) and isn't Buick rep Hayden (10), Bryant must be Pete, and Ray is Jackson (10). Since Walt works next to the Hummer service manager (1), he is Hayden and Mike services Hummers . Cox must be the Hyundai service manager, and Dailey the Mini rep (20). By elimination, Jackson is the Toyota service manager. Nick is Dailey, and Vic Alvarez is the Kia rep (15). The Dodge service amanger is Mr. Green, and Mike Evers is the Hummer service manager (3). Finally, by clue 14, Dailey's office is #8, Cox's #7, etc., through Jackson's #1. In conclusion, the eight service managers have offices at Cozy Valley Motors as follows:

  • #1 - Ray Jackson, Toyota
  • #2 - Pete Bryant, Jeep
  • #3 - Walt Hayden, Buick
  • #4 - Mike Evers, Hummer
  • #5 - Ted Green, Dodge
  • #6 - Vic Alvarez, Kia
  • #7 - Steve Cox, Hyundai
  • #8 - Nick Dailey, Mini

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