Auto Service Managers
Eight service managers keep customers' vehicles moving at Cozy Valley Motors.
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Cozy Valley Motors, as a mega-dealership, sells eight different makes of vehicles. Each make has a service manager, one being Mr. Evers, who arranges maintenance, repairs, loaner vehicles, etc. for owners of that brand of car or truck; one services Toyota buyers. The eight service managers have offices in a row along one wall of the service facility, with the offices numbered #1 through #8 left-to-right as viewed from where customers drive into the garage. From the information below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle of the full name of each service manager, the make of vehicle he works with, and the location (#1-#8) of his office in Cozy Valley Motors?

  1. Walt's office is next door to the that of the Hummer service manager.
  2. Mike's office is immediately adjacent to those of Hayden and the Dodge service manager.
  3. Mike was named service manager of the year for 2005, while Mr. Green won the award in 2004.
  4. Alvarez isn't the Dodge service manager.
  5. Steve is neither the Buick nor the Dodge service manager.
  6. Dailey isn't the service manager for either Dodge or Buick.
  7. Mr. Bryant is service manager for Jeeps; Ray likes having his office right next to Bryant because they cover for each during lunch and breaks.
  8. Pete and Hayden both drive Hummers.
  9. Ted isn't service manager for Kia.
  10. Ray isn't the Buick expert.
  11. Pete doesn't work as the Dodge service manager.
  12. Pete's office is immediately adjacent to Mr. Jackson's and the Buick service manager's.
  13. Jackson is neither the Dodge nor the Kia service manager.
  14. Nick's assigned work space isn't office #1.
  15. Vic and Mr. Dailey once worked together at a Ford dealership.
  16. Mr. Alvarez' office is between, and immediately next to, Ted's and the Hyundai service manager.
  17. Mr. Hayden isn't the service manager for Kia vehicles.
  18. Jackson, who isn't Ted, and the Hyundai service manager are both 20-year employees of Cozy Valley Motors.
  19. Steve's office is directly flanked by those of Mr. Dailey and the Kia service manager.
  20. Cox and the Mini service manager have offices next door to each other.
  21. Steve's name plate doesn't read either Jackson or Hayden.