Sammy Slapdash Gets a Date for the Dance
With the Slapdash family, it's not even five strikes and you're out.
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Friday, Sammy Slapdash decided it was time to get a date for Summerset High's big Valentine's Day Dance on Saturday evening. Sammy asked five different young ladies, including Kristin, each of whom stammered out a "good" excuse why she couldn't go with him. Interestingly, all five like Sammy but are afraid of what could go wrong at a dance with a Slapdash. Finally, when Sammy asked Heidi Hapless to the dance, she agreed--and the school collectively shuddered. What happened at the dance is the stuff of Slapdash legend and a story for the TV news. Meanwhile, our Valentine's Day gift is this Logic Puzzle: can you determine the order 1st-5th in which Sammy Slapdash invited the five girls to the dance and the excuse each invented in the panic of the moment?

  1. Sammy asked the Love girl to the Valentine's Day Dance later than he asked Alexis but earlier than he asked the girl who said she had to practice the cello in preparation for the school concert--which is in May.
  2. Neither the Flowers nor the Hart girl is the one who gave Sammy the excuse that Saturday evening was the only time she could watch the "American Idol" show she taped last week, so she could be "ready" for this week's program.
  3. Grace, who isn't the Ring girl, isn't the one of the five who told Sammy she had to take her cat to the veterinarian for an "emergency" operation.
  4. Sammy Slapdash invited the Candy girl later than he asked Julia, while he asked Julia later than the girl who had to take her cat to the vet.
  5. The Hart girl isn't the one who told Sammy she had to catch up on her homework in phys ed.
  6. Rachel isn't the one whose excuse was cello practice.
  7. Sammy invited the girl who made the "American Idol" excuse immediately before he asked the Ring girl to the event.
  8. Alexis and the Flowers and Hart girls ended up spending Saturday evening watching "American Idol" tapes from earlier in the week..
  9. The girl whose excuse to Sammy was that she was getting a heart tattoo on her ankle on Saturday night isn't Julia.