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Roller Derby Hall of Famers
The Roller Derby Hall of Fame adds five great female skaters.
February 6, 2006
By clue 9, Vicious Vivian, Ms. Holder, and the skater having #00 hung from the Roll-A-Rena all spoke at the induction ceremony. By clue 4, the skater whose Gary Gorgons #11 jersey now hangs from the rafters wasn't at the ceremony; she is the 4th inductee to the three in clue 9. Vicious Vivian isn't the one who wore #7 (8) during her career, so he wore either #33 or #88. She then isn't Ms. Wood, who didn't wear either #33 or #88 (5). Vicious Vivian's surname also isn't Armor (6) or Blocker (8) and is thus Chase. She isn't the star whose #88 is now hanging in the arena (2) and therefore wore #33 during her career. By clue 6, Wild Wanda Armor isn't the skater who competed for the Gary Gorgons and thus didn't wear #11 during her Roller Derby career, nor by clue 6 did she wear #88. Wild Wanda Armor wore either #7 or #00. She therefore didn't compete for the Wheeling Whizzards (11), nor did Vicious Vivian Chase (2), Tough Toni, or Red Sonya (7). Rambling Rose led the Wheeling Whizzards during her skating career. Since Rambling Rose isn't Ms. Holder (10) and isn't the inductee having #00 hung from the rafters (11), she must be the fifth skater to the four already named. Then Wild Wanda Armor has jersey #00 in the Roller-A-Rena in her honor (6). Rambling Rose's jersey #88 (11) and Ms. Holder's jersey #7 are both on display at the Hall. Ms. Wood wore #11 during her Roller Derby heyday (5), and Rambling Rose is then Ms. Blocker. Tough Toni is Ms. Holder (3) and Red Sonya Ms. Wood. Neither Vicious Vivian (1) nor Tough Toni (3) is the one who skated for the Niagara Falls Nitros, so Wild Wanda is. Tough Toni Holder isn't the longtime Altoona Aces skater (10), so Vicious Vivian Chase is. Tough Toni Holder had a Hall-of-Fame career with the Toledo Tornadoes. The five new members of the Roller Derby Hall of Fame are

  • Tough Toni Holder, Toledo Tornadoes #7
  • Red Sonya Wood, Gary Gorgons #11
  • Vicious Vivian Chase, Altoona Aces #33
  • Rambling Rose Blocker, Wheeling Whizzards #88
  • Wild Wanda Armor, Niagara Falls Nitros #00

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