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Roller Derby Hall of Famers
The Roller Derby Hall of Fame adds five great female skaters.
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February 6, 2006
Last week, the Roller Derby Hall of Fame added five new women members, each of whom was honored with a display of memorabilia from her career and with her jersey hung from the rafters of the Super Roll-A-Rena next door to the Hall. Each inductee's jersey is from the star's days with her longtime Roller Derby team, with one from the Toledo Tornadoes, and each has a different number on it. From the press summary below, you should be able to find the team jersey and the number on it now honoring each player in the world's biggest Roller derby arena.

  1. The skater whose #33 now hangs in the Super Roll-A-Rena isn't the inductee who spent her entire career with the Niagara Falls Nitros.
  2. Ms. Chase, who isn't the honoree who carried the Wheeling Whizzards to five Roller World Championships, didn't wear #88 during her career.
  3. Tough Toni, who isn't Ms. Wood, isn't the skater lauded for playing a record 22 years with the Niagara Falls Nitros.
  4. The skater having her Gary Gorgons jersey #11 hung from the Super Roll-A-Rena wasn't at the induction ceremony because she is competing in the European Roller Derby League.
  5. Ms. Wood's name isn't the one on the back of either #33 or #88.
  6. Wild Wanda Armor, who isn't the inductee who skated for the Gary Gorgons during her career, isn't the one who wore #88 when she competed.
  7. Neither Tough Toni nor Red Sonya wore the distinctive black-and-blue jersey of the Wheeling Whizzards.
  8. Vicious Vivian, who isn't honoree Blocker, and the inductee having her #7 jersey in the Hall were bitter foes when their teams skated against each other.
  9. Vicious Vivian, Ms. Holder, and the inductee having her #00 hung from the rafters all gave acceptance speeches at the Hall of Fame ceremony.
  10. Ms. Holder, who isn't Rambling Rose, and the inductee honored for her career as captain of the Altoona Aces were Olympic figure skating hopefuls before getting into Roller Derby.
  11. Neither the Hall of Famer who wore #7 nor the one who was famous for her #00 jersey and hard elbows skated for the Wheeling Whizzards.

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