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Cheerleaders' Lockers
Summerset High cheerleaders enjoy the honor of special lockers.
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January 16, 2006
As is tradition at Summerset High School, Hannah and the five other varsity cheerleaders have the six lockers just outside the school gym. The lockers and a bench are in a small alcove, and the lockers are numbered 1-6 left-to-right. Each of the six girls has decorated the inside of her locker with a picture of her favorite musical artist. Given the clues below, can you find the full name and favorite singer of the cheerleader owning each locker?

  1. Kerrie and the cheerleader who has a poster of Usher in her locker have been varsity cheerleaders for two years.
  2. The Wilkins girl doesn't have locker #5.
  3. The girl who likes Gwen Stefani has the locker between those of Emily and the Richards girl.
  4. Emily has neither locker #1 nor locker #6.
  5. The cheerleader who is the Chris Brown fan has the locker between those of Tess and the Perez girl.
  6. Kerrie and Miss Marino are almost always late for practice.
  7. The cheerleader whose favorite singer is Alicia Keys has the locker between those of Grace and the Johnson girl.
  8. Emily, who isn't Miss Perez, and the cheerleader who has a Chris Brown poster in her locker have Sunday jobs at Dairy King.
  9. The cheerleaders who like Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown join the Richards girl on the bottom row of the human pyramid the squad forms in leading cheers for the school.
  10. The Johnson girl and the one who has a picture of Gwen Stefani in her locker have both been accepted at Valley Sate College.
  11. Julia has the locker between those of Miss Goldman and the girl who has a Kelly Clarkson poster in her locker.
  12. The Perez girl doesn't have one of the end lockers.
  13. Tess and Miss Richards are team co-captains.

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