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At the Vet's
Dr. Steve Corwin spends last Saturday treating five family dogs.
January 9, 2006
From the introduction, Dr. Corwin spent a total of two hours treating the pets, with no two receiving the same number of minutes with the vet. By clue 3, Dr. Corwin spent 60 min. total with the 2nd-4th patients and therefore 60 min. between the 1st and 5th dogs. By clue 4, the longest amount of time Dr. Corwin spent with any single pet was 45 min. In clue 6, three of the pets are listed in order of consecutive treatment: the one with which Dr. Corwin spent 10 min., the dachshund, and Chester--so the 10 min. treatment was the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. If it had been 1st, by clue 3, the last treatment would have been for 50 min.--more than the 45 min. maximum (clue 4). If Dr. Corwin had treated his 3rd patient for the 10 min., the dachshund and Chester would then have been the 4th and 5th family dogs treated (6). If the dachshund were Belle, by clue 5, it would have taken the vet 25 min. to treat her. However, by clue 3, since the 2nd-4th treatments took an hour total, the 2nd treatment would also have required 25 min.--a conflict with the intorduction statement that no two treatments took the same time. By clue 5, Belle's treatment couldn't have taken the 10 min. So, Dr. Corwin would have treated Belle 2nd (5). Dr. Corwin then couldn't have spent the maximum 45 min. (4) in the 1st treatment or he would have worked with Belle for 60 min. (5). Dr. Corwin couldn't have treated Belle for the 45 min. maximum--if he had, the 1st treatment would have taken 30 min., treatments 2-4 60 min., and the 5th treatment then also 30 min. (3), contradicting the intro. The dachshund treatment's couldn't have taken 45 min. or Belle's would have lasted 5 min. (3)--impossible (5). So, Dr. Corwin would have spent 45 min. on the 5th treatment and 15 min. on the 1st (by clue 3, the 1st and 5th treatments totalled 60 min.). He would have then spent 30 min. on the golden retriever (7) and on Belle (5), which by the intro would have to have been the same treatment--no (1). Therefore, there is no way for Dr. Corwin to have spent the 10 min. on the 3rd treatment. He spent the 10 mins. with the 2nd dog he treated, treated the dachshund 3rd, and Chester 4th (6). Belle can't be the 1st or 2nd pet treated (5). If she were 3rd, then it would have taken Dr. Corwin 25 min. with the her (5). But, by clue 3, it also would have taken Dr. Corwin 25 min. on the 4th treatment--by the intro, a conflict. So, Dr. Corwin treated Belle 5th. Belle isn't the golden retriever (1). The golden retriever also wasn't the 1st animal treated (7). If the golden retriever had been the 2nd pet treated and had taken 10 min., then the 1st treatment would have taken 5 min. (7) and the 5th one 55 min. (3), contradicting clue 4. So, the golden retriever was treated 4th and is Chester. The treatment on which Dr. Corwin spent the 45 min. wasn't the 1st (7). It can't be the dachshund's treatment, or the golden retriever's would have taken 5 min. (3), impossible (7, 4). It also wasn't the golden retriever's treatment, or Belle's treatment would have taken longer (5). Belle's treatment too the longest, 45 min. Then the golden retriever's took 30 min. (5), the dachshund's 20 min. (3), and the 1st one 15 min. (7). By clue 2, the 1st family dog Dr. Corwin treated was Muffin, and the schnauzer was the 2nd. The schnauzer is Fritz and the dachshund Elmo (2). Dr. Corwin treated the poodle 1st and the Lhasa apso for the 45 min. (4). Dr. Steve Corwin thus spent the following times to treat the five family pets in order

  • Muffin, poodle, 15 min.
  • Fritz, schnauzer, 10 min.
  • Elmo, dachshund, 20 min.
  • Chester, golden retriever, 30 min.
  • Belle, Lhasa apso, 45 min.

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