At the Vet's
Dr. Steve Corwin spends last Saturday treating five family dogs.
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Last Saturday, in a two-hour period, Dr. Steve Corwin treated Fritz and four other family dogs at his Summerset veterinary office. Each of the dogs is a different breed, with one being a Lhasa apso; and Dr. Corwin spent a different amount of time treating each. Given the patient chart info below, you should be able to decide the order in which Dr. Corwin treated the five animals, the pet's name and breed, and the amount of time the treatment took.

  1. Belle isn't the golden retriever the vet treated Saturday.
  2. Dr. Corwin treated Muffin immediately before treating the schnauzer; the schnauzer isn't the one named Elmo.
  3. Dr. Corwin spent a total of one hour on his 2nd through 4th patients.
  4. The longest time spent treating any dog--which wasn't spent on the poodle--was 45 min.
  5. Belle's treatment took 15 min. longer than that of the pet Dr. Corwin treated immediately ahead of Belle.
  6. In consecutive order, first-to-last, Dr. Corwin worked on these three dogs: the one that took him 10 min. to treat, the dachshund, and the pet named Chester.
  7. Dr. Corwin spent twice as much time treating the golden retriever as he did treating the 1st dog he saw Saturday.