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Trading Michael Connelly
Five fans of the mystery thriller author swap favorite novels.
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January 2, 2006
Jane and four other readers of mystery thriller writer Michael Connelly's work recently held a trading lunch at which each exchanged her favorite novel by the author for a book she hadn't read. The trading back-and-forth among the five lasted several rounds before each settled on a new novel to read. From the clues below, you should be able to solve this Logic Puzzle by finding each reader's full name, the Michael Connelly mystery she started with, and the novel he took home with her from the bartering.

  1. After all the trading was done, no two of the fans ended up simply exchanging the Michael Connelly novels they brought to trade.
  2. Ms. Rider ended up with the book Anne brought to trade.
  3. Ms. Walling didn't end up with Blood Work.
  4. After the trading, Ms. McCaleb took home Beth's favorite.
  5. At one point during the swapping of books, Faith traded The Lincoln Lawyer to Ms. Haller for City of Bones; neither woman brought either of those two novels to the trading table and neither took either of those two books home with her.
  6. Faith and Ms. McCaleb got their favorite Michael Connelly novels as birthday gifts.
  7. The reader who acquired The Poet really wanted City of Bones, but she never had that novel in her possession at any time during the trading-back-and-forth.
  8. Pam didn't acquire either Blood Work or The Narrows from the trading.
  9. Anne, who isn't Ms. Haller, isn't the one who ended up with City of Bones.
  10. The book Ms. Walling brought ended up going home with Ms. Bosch.
  11. Beth, Ms. Rider, and Ms. Haller conducted a post-trade analysis when they drove home from lunch together.

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