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Nick's Aunts and Uncles Come Through
... with new Xbox games as Christmas gifts.
December 26, 2005
Aunt Sara gave Nick Call of Duty 2 (clue 2). Neither Aunt Donna (1), Aunt Gloria (5), nor Aunt Barbara (7) gave Nick King Kong, so Aunt Linda did. By clue 6, Uncle Bill gave Nick Gun, so Bill and his wife are a 3rd pair of aunts and uncles. Neither Uncle John (1) nor Uncle Ed (5) gave King Kong; nor, since he isn't Aunt Linda's husband (4), did Uncle Dave give Nick King Kong. Uncle Tom's present was King Kong. Aunt Donna isn't married to Uncle John (1), Uncle Ed (3), or Uncle Dave (9); she is Uncle Bill's wife. Neither Uncle Ed (3) nor Uncle Dave (9) gave Nick Madden NFL 2006, so Uncle John did. Aunt Gloria isn't married to Uncle Ed (5) or Uncle John (8) and is married to Uncle Dave; they must have given their nephew Halo 2. By elimination, Uncle Ed and Aunt Sara are a couple, as are Uncle John and Aunt Barbara. In sum, Nick's aunts and uncles gave him Xbox games for Christmas as follows:

    Aunt Barbara & Uncle John, Madden NFL 2006
  • Aunt Donna & Uncle Bill, Gun
  • Aunt Gloria & Uncle Dave, Halo 2
  • Aunt Linda & Uncle Tom, King Kong
  • Aunt Sara & Uncle Ed, Call of Duty 2

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