Nick's Aunts and Uncles Come Through
... with new Xbox games as Christmas gifts.
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For Christmas this year, in addition to the obligatory shirts and socks and sweaters, each of Nick Nintendo's five sets of aunts and uncles, including Uncle Tom and his wife, also gave Nick a new video game for his Xbox system, one game being Halo 2. Given the clues below, can you determine the names of each pair of Nick's aunts and uncles and the game they gave him as a gift?

  1. In addition to getting King Kong, Nick received games from Aunt Donna and her husband and Uncle John and his wife.
  2. Aunt Sara and her husband gave Nick Call of Duty 2.
  3. Uncle Ed and his spouse, who isn't Aunt Donna, didn't give Nick Madden NFL 2006.
  4. Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave are Nick's mother's sister and brother.
  5. Three of the gifts are King Kong and the ones from Aunt Gloria and her mate and Uncle Ed and his wife.
  6. Uncle Bill and his wife gave Nick Gun.
  7. The King Kong game didn't come from Aunt Barbara and her husband.
  8. Aunt Gloria and Uncle John aren't a couple.
  9. Uncle Dave and his wife, who isn't Aunt Donna, didn't give Nick Madden NFL 2006.