Bargain Buys
Great bargains = Christmas gifts for dads = a tough Logic Puzzle.
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Saturday, Kelly and four of her friends, lured by advertisements of the "biggest sale of the year," went Christmas shopping at Tracy's. Each of the five found the sales pitch to be true, finding a gift for her dad--one buying a sweater--at a great price. Given the clues below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by determining the item each purchased, its original price, and its price on sale Saturday?

  1. The original prices ranged from a low of $30 to a high of $120, totaling $310 for the five gifts.
  2. The girls ended up spending $134 total on their five gifts, from a low of $21 to a high of $36,
  3. The price of Jada's gift was reduced 20% more than the price of the tie, but Jada still paid $4 more for her item than the girl who bought the tie for her dad paid.
  4. The original price of Lynne's gift was $50 more than the original price of the gloves another girl bought her dad, but after Tracy's reductions Lynne spent only $8 more than the gloves purchaser did.
  5. Maria saved $7 more than the girl who bought the belt did.
  6. The sale price of the dress shirt was $4 more than the sale price of the item Nicole purchased.
  7. The biggest discount on any of the five items was 70% and the smallest discount was 30%.