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The Treasure of the Gold Galleon
X marks the spot where the fabled treasure of the Spanish Main is buried.
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December 5, 2005
The greatest prize ever captured by pirates on the Spanish Main, the Treasure of the Golden Galleon, was recently unearthed on a Caribbean Island by treasure hunters using a map drawn by the last of the five pirate captains who once held the hoard. Each of the captains commanded a different ship flying the skull-and-crossbones and each buried the treasure on a different island--one on Hook Island--before losing it to another freebooter or, for the last owner, to modern metal detectors. Given the logic map below, can you decide the order in which the pirate captains possessed the Treasure of the Golden Galleon, each's ship, and the island where he buried the prize?

  1. Captain Wm Quid's ship wasn't the Pursuer.
  2. Captain Flint held the treasure before losing it to the pirate who hid it on Skull Island.
  3. Captain Roberts got the hoard from the captain who sailed the Silence.
  4. The captain of the Pursuer didn't bury the treasure on Ile de Morte.
  5. Captain Wm Quid lost the hoard to the commander of the Devil's Work.
  6. The captain of the Grey Ghost, who wasn't Flint, didn't hide the prize on Skull Island.
  7. Captain Dredd lost the treasure to the pirate who buried it on Goat's Beard Island; the latter lost the hoard to the captain of the Pursuer.
  8. The master of the Bonny Maid held the treasure earlier than the pirate who hid it on Ile de Morte.
  9. Though the treasure was once buried on Isla San Pedro, that isn't where the treasure hunters recently found it.
  10. Captain Flint didn't bury the booty on Goat's Beard Island.
  11. Captain Jack Smack's sloop wasn't the Devil's Work.
  12. The dread pirate Roberts didn't bury the loot on Ile de Morte.

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