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Flying Home from Grandma's
The Jones sextuplets fly home after spending Thanksgiving with their grandparents.
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November 28, 2005
Yesterday, the Jones sextuplets flew home to Baltimore after celebrating Thanksgiving in Oakland with the their grandma and grandpa. The girls had the entire first row of the plane, sitting in seats 1A, 1B, and 1C from window to aisle left of the aisle and 1D, 1E, and 1F from aisle to window right of the aisle facing the cabin. Before boarding, each girl was treated by her grandparents at the Oakland terminal with a book to read--one chose A Wrinkle in Time--and candy to munch on--one eating Hot Tamales--during the flight. Given the clues below, can you find which sextuplet sat in each seat 1A-1F and the book she read and snack she enjoyed on the plane?

  1. Jana isn't the sextuplet who read Hatchet.
  2. On one side of the plane, Jessica sat between her sister who read Sarah, Plain and Tall and her sister who ate the Good & Plenty.
  3. Joanna, who isn't the sister who read Tuck Everlasting on the flight, didn't sit in seat 1F.
  4. The sextuplet who brought Harriet the Spy to read didn't bring the Jujubes to eat.
  5. Jenny sat directly across the aisle from her sister who enjoyed the Necco Wafers on the plane.
  6. The Jones girl who brought My Father's Dragon to read, who isn't Joanna, didn't bring the Jujubes to nibble on in flight.
  7. Julia, who didn't have one of the aisle seats, and her sister who read My Father's Dragon are the oldest and youngest of the six.
  8. On one side of the plane, Jana sat between the Jones sextuplet who brought Tuck Everlasting to read and the girl who brought the Jujubes to eat.
  9. Jill, who didn't bring the Good & Plenty, sat in the seat next to that of her sister who read Hatchet during the flight.
  10. The sextuplet who brought the Dots as a snack, who isn't Jenny, sat in the seat next to the one occupied by the girl who was reading My Father's Dragon.
  11. At their stopover in Kansas City, the girl who brought the Tic-Tacs, who isn't Julia, and the one who read Hatchet got off the plane to use the airport rest room.

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