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Winkie Widget Honors
Five longtime employees get gold-plated widgets.
November 21, 2005
From the introduction, no two honored employees have been with Winkie Widgets the same number of years. In clues 3 and 6, therefore, Mr. Green doesn't work in the shipping department. By clue 1, the man with the least time with the company has been there 6 years, while the man who has been with Winkie Widgets the longest has been there 20 years. If Jim in clue 3 were Mr. Green in clue 6, or Ray in clue 6 were the man who works in shipping in clue 3, combining the two clues would give service times of 6 (clue 1), 12, and 24 years, contradicting clue 1. So, between clues 3 and 6, four of the five honorees are named: Jim, the shipping department employee, Ray, and Mr. Green. By clue 4, Tom has 6 more years with Winkie than the man who works in research. Tom cannot be the shipping department employee in clue 3 or Mr. Green in clue 6, or either Jim or Ray would have in at least 24 years with the firm (1, 4, 3, 6). Tom is the fifth employee to be honored. He doesn't have the least experience (4). If Tom were the one with 20 years with the company, the research employee would have 14 (4). He wouldn't be Mr. Green, or Ray would have 28 years service (6). If the man in research were Jim, the one in shipping would have 7 years (3), Mr. Green 6 years (1, 6), and Ray 12 years (6) with the company. However, there is no way for clue 8 to work given clue 2 and this arrangement. If the man in research were Ray, Mr. Green would have 7 (6), the man in shipping 6 (1, 3), and Jim 12 (3) years with the firm. However, there is no way for clue 8 to work given clue 10 and this arrangement. So, Tom doesn't have the longest tenure with Winkie Widgets. In clues 3 and 6, then, either Jim or Ray has 20 years with the company. If Ray were the longest serving employee, Mr. Green would have 10 years with the company. The man who works in shipping would have the least time, 6 years, and Jim 12 years (1, 3). In clue 4, then, the research department employee would be Jim or Mr. Green. If he were Jim, Tom would have 18 years in with the company. However, there is no way for clue 8 to work. If the research department employee were Mr. Green, Tom would have 16 years with the firm. Again, however, given clue 2, there is no way for clue 8 to work. Therefore, Ray cannot be the longest serving employee, and Jim is. The man in shipping has been with Winkie 10 years (3). Mr. Green is a 6-year (1, 3) and Ray a 12-year veteran of the widget business. The research employee in clue 4 can't be Mr. Green, or Tom would have 12 years with the firm, the same as Ray. The research employee must be Ray, with Tom's tenure then 18 years (4). By clue 8, Mr. Black must be Tom and Bob the shipping department employee. Mr. Green is Dan, who is in marketing (9). By clue 5, then, Tom Black works in production, with Jim being Mr. Grey. Ray is White and Bob Brown (7). Jim in the sales department (9). In sum, the five employees homored by Winkie Widgets for their years of service are:

  • Jim Grey, sales, 20 years
  • Tom Black, production, 18 years
  • Ray White, research, 12 years
  • Bob Brown, shipping, 10 years
  • Dan Green, marketing, 6 years

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