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Boeing, Boeing!
Wendy Winger sees the U.S.A. in her career as a flight attendant.
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November 14, 2005
This year, Wendy Winger is working as a flight attendant on Freedom Airways, flying between the cities of Memphis and San Francisco and enjoying fully exploring both of the cities in which she is based. In fact, Wendy's career is an adventure for her: this is the sixth year in which she has worked in the air, and she has been based in two different American cities, working for a different carrier, each year. Given the flight data below, can you map out in which two cities Wendy was based and the airline for which she worked in her five previous jobs (2000-2004)?

  1. Wendy Winger flew for Southeast Airlines the year before she was based in New York and two years before she worked out of Chicago.
  2. When she was based in Boston, Wendy didn't work for either JetBlack or America North.
  3. Wendy's time in Orlando wasn't while working for Omega Airlines.
  4. Neither of Wendy's two terminal cities during her tenure with America North was San Diego.
  5. Wendy's time in San Diego came the year after she flew for Union Airlines and the year before she worked out of sun-baked Phoenix.
  6. The year Wendy spent flying out of Las Vegas, which wasn't 2004, she didn't have Boston as her other base.
  7. One year Wendy worked for Omega Airlines, the next with Seattle as one of her terminal cities, and the year after that based in Miami.
  8. The year she worked in Los Angeles, which wasn't 2000, wasn't the year when Chicago was one of her home cities.
  9. Neither San Diego nor Seattle was at the other end of the flights Wendy worked out of Boston.
  10. Wendy's employer when she flew out of Las Vegas wasn't Southeast.
  11. Wendy wasn't based in Miami the year she flew for JetBlack Airlines

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