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The Last Weekend at the Beach
Labor Day weekend rentals punctuate a big summer for Blue Crab Realty.
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November 7, 2005
Blue Crab Realty completed a profitable summer season by renting its five cottages, including the Coral Reef, over the Labor Day weekend, with each cottage renting for a different amount of money. Given the following clues, can you fathom the Ocean City street on which each cottage is located and its rental for the final weekend of the summer?

  1. The five rentals brought Blue Crab Realty a total of $13,000, with the lowest rental being for $1,500.
  2. The cottage on Atlantic Avenue rented for $500 more than the Sand Dollar.
  3. The Admiral's Fancy rented for twice as much as the cottage on Fish Alley.
  4. The Sea Drift rental was for twice as much as the Shell Street cottage rental.
  5. The rental on the Decatur Street cottage was $2,500.
  6. The Blue Dolphin didn't rent for the $1,500 low.
  7. The cottage on Beach Street isn't the Admiral's Fancy.

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