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What's for Breakfast?
Breakfast means choice at the Juicereal house.
October 17, 2005
From the introduction, the six Juicereal children sat three to a side at the table, with their mother at the head and their father at the foot of the table. By clue 11, no two girls sat next to each other on one of the sides of the table. By clue 2, Jana and Julie sat opposite each other. If Jana and Julie had sat in the two middle seats, Jenny would have to have sat next to one or the other, contradicting clue 11. Jana and Julie sat opposite each other at one end of the table; and the grape juice was drunk by one of the boys sitting in the middle next to Jana. Since Jenny couldn't have sat in one of the middle places or she would have sat next to Jana or Julie--no, clue 11--and since Jenny sat next to her brother who had cranberry juice (9), Jenny sat on the same side of the table as Julie but at the opposite end, with the boy who had cranberry juice between them. By clue 6, then, Jeffrey sat directly opposite Jenny, who had orange juice. Since Jenny did not have Cocoa Puffs (8), by clue 1, either Jana or Julie did, with the other having the pineapple juice to drink. If Julie had had the Cocoa Puffs and Jana the pineapple juice, by clues 3 and 7, Jenny would have had Count Chocula, Jeffrey would have had pink grapefruit juice, and the boy who had cranberry juice would have had Froot Loops to go with it. However, there is no way for the two in clue 5 having apple juice and Rice Krispies to fit into this arrangement. Therefore, Jana had Cocoa Puffs and Julie drank pineapple juice (1). By clues 3 and 7, Jenny picked Count Chocula, Jeffrey chose pink grapefruit juice, and the boy who drank cranberry juice had Froot Loops. By elimination, Jana had apple juice, so that the boy who drank grape juice ate Rice Krispies (5). The latter is Jason (5), with Justin sitting opposite him. By clue 4, Jeffrey had Alphabits and Julie Cheerios. Julie is then to her mother's immediate left (9), so that sitting clockwise around the table from the head were Julie, Justin, Jenny, Jeffrey, Jason, and Jana. In sum, the Juicereal children had breakfast as follows:

  • Julie, pineapple juice and Cheerios
  • Justin, cranberry juice and Froot Loops
  • Jenny, orange juice and Count Chocula
  • Jeffrey, pink grapefruit juice and Alphabits
  • Jason, grape juice and Rice Krispies
  • Jana, apple juice and Cocoa Puffs

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