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Sand Sculpture Super Bowl
Fantastic sand sculptures draw beachgoers to end-of-summer festivities.
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October 10, 2005
At this year's FallFest at the Beach, Ocean City held the 10th annual Sand Sculpture Super Bowl, in which teams of sculptors in silicon competed for cash prizes for 1st-5th places. This year's top five teams each sculpted a different subject, with one creating a battleship; each was sponsored by a different hotel located on a different one of the nine streets (numbered 1st-9th going from south to north) in downtown Ocean City. Given the results of the event below, can you find the final order of finish of the five prize-winning teams: each's sculpture subject, the sponsoring hotel, and the hotel's street location?

  1. The team sponsored by the Ocean Spray Hotel finished one place ahead of the team that sculpted the Alamo; the Ocean Spray is 5 blocks north of the Alamo team's hotel.
  2. The Blue Dolphin Hotel, whose team didn't do the Alamo, is south of the Sand Dollar Hotel
  3. The team sculpting the giraffe finished one place ahead of the team sponsored by the Princess Royale Hotel; the giraffe sculptors' sponsoring hotel is 6 blocks south of the Princess Royale.
  4. The prize-winning Three Blind Mice sculpture wasn't carved by the Ocean Spray Hotel team.
  5. The team sculpting a life-like President George W. Bush finished one place ahead of the team sponsored by the Del Mar Hotel; the Bush team's sponsoring hotel is 4 blocks north of the Del Mar.
  6. The hotel whose team won this year's Sand Sculpture Super Bowl is on 9th St.

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