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Piccalilly Pub Crawl
Steve Stout enjoys British food and drink on a crawl through the pubs of Piccalilly.
September 26, 2005
By clue 4, Steve Stout enjoyed the Smoked Mackerel at the last pub in which he stopped. By clues 1 and 3, then, the foods he tried at his 3rd and 4th pubs were Scotch Eggs and a Chip Butty or vice versa. By clues 1 and 3, then, Stout's 1st and 2nd pubs were the Yeoman's Bow and the Fox and Hounds or vice versa. In clue 8, then, the Adam and Eve can't be the 2nd pub visited, so that Stout couldn't have sampled the Ploughman's Lunch at the 1st pub on the crawl. Stout tried a Cornish Pasty 1st and Ploughman's Lunch 2nd, with the Adam and Eve then the 3rd pub on his tour (clue 8). Then Stout's 1st pub isn't in High St. or Cathedral Close (2), nor is it in Deep St. (1) or King's Cross (3); it is on the Oxford Road. It then isn't the Fox and Hounds (6) and is the Yeoman's Bow, with the Fox and Hounds the 2nd pub visited. By clue 3, the pub in King's Cross was 3rd and the pub where Stout had a Chip Butty 4th in order. By clue 1, the 2nd pub on the crawl was in Deep St. and the 3rd where Stout had the Scotch Eggs. Stout had the Chip Butty at the George and Dragon and the Smoked Mackerel at the Whyte Harte (7). The George and Dragon is in the High St. and the Whyte Harte in the Cathedral Close (5). In sum, Steve Stout's Piccalilly pub crawl was in order as follows:

  • 1st - Cornish Pasty at the Yeoman's Bow on the Oxford Road
  • 2nd - Ploughman's Lunch at the Fox and Hounds in Deep St.
  • 3rd - Scotch Eggs at the Adam and Eve in King's Cross
  • 4th - Chip Butty at the George and Dragon in High St.
  • 5th - Smoked Mackerel at the Whyte Harte in Cathedral Close

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