Piccalilly Pub Crawl
Steve Stout enjoys British food and drink on a crawl through the pubs of Piccalilly.
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On a recent trip to England, Steve Stout went on a lunchtime pub crawl in the town of Piccalilly, visiting five pubs and having a different British food favorite in each--as well as a pint of the pub's best, of course. Given the clues below, can you determine the order in which Stout crawled the pubs of Piccalilly: the food he had in which pub and in which street of the town the establishment is situated?

  1. Steve Stout was in the Yeoman's Bow earlier than the pub in Deep St.; he visited the Deep St. local earlier in the crawl than the pub where he tried the Scotch Eggs.
  2. Neither the pub in High St. nor the one in Cathedral Close is the one where Stout enjoyed a Cornish Pasty.
  3. Stout stopped at the Fox and Hounds earlier than at the pub in King's Cross; his visit to the latter came earlier in the crawl than the stop at the pub where he ordered a Chip Butty.
  4. Steve had Smoked Mackerel at the last pub he visited.
  5. The George and Dragon isn't the pub Stout visited in Cathedral Close.
  6. The Fox and Hounds isn't the pub Steve tried on the Oxford Road.
  7. The British dish tried at the Whyte Harte wasn't the Chip Butty.
  8. After leaving the pub where he had a Ploughman's Lunch, Stout next stopped at the Adam and Eve.