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Winning Soccer Coaches
Soccer coaches open the fall season with landmark wins.
September 5, 2005
By clue 1, Greg has 50 more wins than Coach Nedved, who has 50 more soccer wins in his career than the Central City High coach; while by clue 5, the coach at Wild Lake High School has 50 more wins than Coach Figo. Since by the introduction no two coaches have won the same number of games, Greg isn't the coach at Wild Lake, nor is he Figo (clue 8). Nedved doesn't coach at Wild Lake either (7). Since no two coaches have the same number of victories, the Central City coach isn't Figo. Therefore, there is no overlap between clues 1 and 5, so all five coaches are named between the two clues as follows: Greg has 50 more wins than Coach Nedved, who has 50 more soccer wins the coach at Central City High; while the Wild Lake High coach has 50 more victories than Coach Figo. By clue 3, Coach Beckham has 25 more wins than Jim, who has 25 more than the Toms River head man. By clues 1 and 5, if Beckham were coaching at Central City, Jim would have to be at Wild Lake or be Figo--but in either case the Toms River coach would give six coaches. By clue 5, if Beckham were the Wild Lake coach, Figo would be at Toms River--no (8). So, Beckham is Greg. By clues 1 and 3, then, the Toms River coach is Nedved. Jim in clue 3 must be either the Wild Lake coach or Figo. If Jim were Figo, then letting his number of victories equal X, Nedved at Toms River would have X - 25 and Greg Beckham X + 25 (3). The coach at Wild Lake would have X + 50 wins (5), with the Central City mentor having X - 75 (1). Summing, 5X - 25 would equal 500 (the total number of wins the five have according to the introduction), or X = 105. Jim would have 105 victories, Nedved 80, Greg 130, the Wild lake coach 155, and the Central City coach 30. However, there is no way for Ian and Hamm in clue 6 to fit into this numerical arrangement. So, Jim is the coach at Wild Lake. Letting Figo's victory in clue 5 be X, then Jim's is X + 50. By clue 3, Nedved has won X + 25 games at Toms River and Greg Beckham has won X + 75, while the Central City High mentor has X - 25 wins (1). Summing, 5X + 125 = 500 (intro), or X = 75. Figo has 75 wins, Jim 125, Nedved 100, Greg Beckham 150, and the Central City coach 50. By clues 6, Hamm is coach at Central City, and Ian is Figo. By elimination, Zidane is Jim. Harry is at Toms River and Ken at Central City (4). Ian coaches Fort Hill and Greg Happy Valley (2). In sum, the five coaches reached the following hallmarks with their season-opening wins:
  • Greg Beckham, Happy Valley, 150
  • Jim Zidane, Wild Lake, 125
  • Harry Nedved, Toms River, 100
  • Ian Figo, Fort Hill, 75
  • Ken Hamm, Central City, 50
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