Winning Soccer Coaches
Soccer coaches open the fall season with landmark wins.
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When the Summerset Soccer League opened its season last Friday, Ken and four other county coaches led their high school teams to victories. As it turned out, the five wins added to their previous coaching victories gave the coaches, including Coach Zidane, a total of 500 wins among them, with each having a different number of victories in his career. From the information below, can you determine each coach's full name, the high school team he coaches (one leads the Fort Hill High Falcons), and how many games his soccer teams have won in his coaching career?

  1. Greg has 50 more career wins than Coach Nedved, who has 50 more than the coach at Central City High School.
  2. Ian and the coach at Happy Valley both played college soccer at Summerset Tech.
  3. Coach Beckham has 25 more victories than Jim and 50 more than the Toms River mentor.
  4. Harry isn't the head coach of the Central City Centurions.
  5. The Wild Lake High coach has 50 more career wins than Coach Figo.
  6. Ian's teams have won 25 more games than Coach Hamm's.
  7. Nedved isn't the Wild Lake Wildcats coach.
  8. Figo, who isn't Greg, doesn't mentor the Toms River Tornadoes.