First Editions
Christopher Collector adds five new first editions to his librabry.
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Last week, Christopher Collector visited the five used book stores on Dickens Street in Summerset in search of first editions to add to his growing library. He ended up finding a book to buy in each shop, including one at The Little Old Lady's, which advertises "Books with very low mileage"; each first edition he bought sold for a different price. From the notes below about Mr. Collector's used-book buying spree, can you find the order 1st-5th in which he made his purchases: the first edition he acquired, the shop in which he bought it, and how much he paid to add it to his collection?

  1. Immediately after buying a first edition at Bibliotheque, Mr. Collector found Look Homeward, Angel at the shop next door; Look Homeward, Angel cost $10 less than the book he bought at Bibliotheque.
  2. East of Eden cost Christopher $30, while his least expensive purchase cost him $20.
  3. Immediately after buying To Kill a Mockingbird at one store, Mr. Collector acquired a first edition from Past Tomes; the latter cost him $10 more than To Kill a Mockingbird did.
  4. The first edition he bought at Read It Again, Sam cost Mr. Collector $20 less than the book he had just bought at another store.
  5. Mr. Collector's 2nd purchase cost him twice as much as his 4th buy.
  6. The book bought at Cook's Book Nook isn't Look Homeward, Angel.
  7. Immediately after buying The Old Man and the Sea, Mr. Collector purchased All the King's Men for his library.