Ghosts in the White House
Local actors give the audience big laughs in this production of the Oval Office comedy hit
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In the comedy Ghosts in the White House currently running at Summerset's Little Theatre, a different Presidential ghost provides much of the laughter in each of the play's six scenes. Each Oval Office spectre is played by a different local actor in the amateur production. From the following clues, can you determine which Chief Executive's ghost appears in each scene (Act 1, Scenes 1, 2, 3 and Act 2, Scenes 1, 2, 3) and the full name (one first name is Joe, one last name Trask) of the local thespian who plays him?

  1. Grover Cleveland's ghost appears earlier in the play than the ghost portrayed by Hal; Hal is on stage one scene before Mr. Queen is.
  2. Mr. Rose's performance comes in Act 1, while the ghost of Andrew Johnson's Act 2 appearance is earlier than that of the spectre played by Frank.
  3. The ghost Ken portrays is on stage later in the play than William Howard Taft's rather rotund ghost.
  4. Greg, who isn't Mr. Oates, enacts his role in Act 2.
  5. Mr. Prince, then the actor playing Herbert Hoover's ghost, and then Lou appear in three consecutive scenes in Ghosts in the White House.
  6. The ghost of Warren G. Harding is in an earlier scene than the White House ghost played by Mr. Oates.
  7. Lou, who doesn't have the part of Andrew Johnson's ghost, and Mr. Stone also painted the sets for the production.
  8. The ghost Greg plays is on stage earlier than James Buchanan's ghost.
  9. Mr. Queen's role isn't as Warren G. Harding's shade.
  10. Mr. Rose, who isn't Lou, isn't featured as Herbert Hoover's ghost.