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Football Coaches
The Smashers begin 2005 football season with five veteran assistants.
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July 25, 2005
When the Summerset Smashers open training camp this week, head coach Dick Mitka will have five longtime assistants helping him mold what fans hope will be another AFL championship team. Each of the five assistant coaches has been with the Smashers a different number of years; and each handles a different position, one the wide receivers, for the team. Given the clues below, you should be able to find each assistant's full name (one first name is Marvin), the position he coaches, and how long he has been with the franchise.

  1. John has been a Smashers aide twice as long as Coach Marino.
  2. Coach Olsen and the defensive line coach are ex-Smashers stars.
  3. The linebackers coach has been with the team longer than Coach Brown.
  4. The quarterbacks coach has been with the Smashers twice as long as Coach Gifford, who has been with the squad twice as long as Tom.
  5. Coach Payton has been a Smashers assistant 5 years longer than Ray, who has worked with the team 1 year longer than the running backs coach.
  6. John and Coach Gifford have held college head coaching jobs.
  7. Brett's isn't position coach of the quarterbacks.
  8. Tom and Coach Brown were offered jobs with other teams but decided to remain on the Smashers staff.
  9. The assistant with the least tenure as a Smashers aide has been with the team 2 years.

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