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Cheesecake Galore
Classic New York, Black Forest, Key Lime, Peaches and Cream, more.
July 18, 2005
From the introduction, the eight friends--four women (Beth, Elise, Maria, and Ursula) and four men (Andrew, Jason, Michael, and Robert)--sat at a rectangular table at Cheesecake Galore, with one person at each of the head and foot and three people at each side. By clue 9, the only men who sat directly opposite each other were at the head and foot of the table. By clues 1 and 5, Robert and Andrew sat opposite women, so they were in seats along the side. Since neither Jason nor Michael had Raspberry Ripple cheesecake (clue 11), in clue 1, Robert must have had one of the center seats along a side, directly opposite Elise and flanked by Ms. Damico and the person who enjoyed Raspberry Ripple. By clue 6, Beth sat opposite the person who ordered Peaches and Cream cheesecake, who did not sit next to Elise; Beth therefore must be seated next to Elise and must be opposite Ms. Damico, who had Peaches and Cream. Since Andrew sat opposite Ms. Chavez (5), either Andrew had Raspberry Ripple or Ms. Chavez did; since Ms. Chavez isn't Maria, she is Ursula and Maria Ms. Damico. By clue 2, Ursula Chavez was flanked by men at the table; Ursula must have had the Raspberry Ripple cheesecake, with Andrew sitting next to Elise. By clue 4, Michael sat to the immediate left of the person who had the Double Dutch Chocolate cheesecake; the latter must be Andrew or Beth. If Beth had eaten Double Dutch Chocolate, the order clockwise around the table would have been Beth, Michael, Maria, Robert, Ursula, Jason, Andrew, and Elise. By clue 10, Andrew would be Mr. Watson, with Jason having had Black Forest cheesecake. Andrew's cheesecake choice would have been Dove Bar and Elise's Chewy Caramel (8). However, there is now no way clue 3 can work. Therefore, Beth didn't order the Double Dutch Chocolate cheesecake and Andrew did, with Michael in clue 4 to Andrew's left; the order around the table was Andrew, Michael, Ursula, Robert, Maria, Jason, Beth, and Elise. By clue 10, Andrew is Mr. Watson, and Elise ordered Black Forest cheesecake. By clue 8, Beth's cheesecake choise was Chewy Caramel and Jason's Dove Bar. In clue 3, Ms. Sperry is Elise and Robert had Key Lime cheesecake. By elimination, Michael is the one who ordered Classic New York cheesecake. Jason is Mr. English (7). By clue 12, Robert is Greenberg and Michael Mr. Young (Beth is Ms. Benford (13)). By clue 13, Beth Benford didn't sit next to the head of the table--which must be where Michael sat. Summarizing, the eight sat as follows in clockwise order around the table beginning with Michael at the head:

  • Michael Young, Classic New York
  • Ursula Chavez, Raspberry Ripple
  • Robert Greenberg, Key Lime
  • Maria Damico, Peaches and Cream
  • Jason English, Dove Bar
  • Beth Benford, Chewy Caramel
  • Elise Sperry, Black Forest
  • Andrew Watson, Double Dutch Chocolate

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