Country Music Requests
Callers win prizes by requesting their country music favorites on WCTY-FM's "Lunchtime Request Line."
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Each weekday at noon, WCTY-FM disc jockey Kelly Kasey plays country songs requested by callers on the "Lunchtime Request Line." Friday, the first five callers, including a listener from the town of Rockwood, each requested a different country hit and was rewarded with a different station promotional gift, one person receiving a Big Country coffee mug. Given the information below, can you determine the order of the first five calls: the listener who makes each request, in which local community the caller resides, the song he or she asked to be played, and the Big Country WCTY-FM gave him or her?

  1. Vicki's request came immediately before the one from the person who won the Big Country t-shirt.
  2. Shania Twain's pop hit "Still the One," which wasn't requested by Randy, and the song the listener from Newbury requested are among Kelly Kasey's Top 50 Country Hits Ever.
  3. Neither the umbrella nor the windbreaker went to the person asking for "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack.
  4. Jerry's request was played immediately after that of the Ferndale resident.
  5. The caller who requested Kenny Chesney's "Anything But Mine" be played--who isn't Tony--didn't receive the station t-shirt as a gift.
  6. Right after one caller got a WCTY-FM baseball cap for calling in a request, a listener from Newbury made a song request.
  7. The umbrella didn't go to the listener who asked for "Remember When" by Alan Jackson to be aired.
  8. Mary and then the person from Westport made consecutive requests.
  9. Jerry, who didn't win the t-shirt, isn't the caller who asked to hear Toby Keith's raucous "Honkytonk U".
  10. Immediately after playing "Anything But Mine," Kelly Kasey played the country hit requested by Randy.
  11. The first song requested on Friday's "Lunchtime Request Line" wasn't "Remember When."
  12. After Kelly Kasey played Tony's request, he next played "Honkytonk U."
  13. The listener from Ferndale didn't win the Big Country t-shirt.
  14. Immediately after the song requested by the Summerset resident was played, WCTY-FM played "Still the One".