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Sam Freeman will celebrate the 4th of July by watching eight simultaneous fireworks displays.
July 4, 2005
From the introduction, Sam will watch fireworks in eight towns from Mt. Franklin, the towns being due NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W from his vantage point. By clue 2, Sam can turn 90 degrees clockwise from the 4th of July lights in Henrytown to see the fireworks set off on the Atlantic Pier in another town, then turn another 90 degrees clockwise to watch the fireworks in Crab Point. By clue 6, if Sam is watching the explosions in Seal Harbor, he can turn a full 180 degrees to watch the fireworks in Plimouth; if he turns 45 degrees counterclockwise from the Plimouth view, he will see the event held in Courthouse Square in another island town. Since Courthouse Square isn't in Crab Point (clue 3) and Atlantic Pier isn't in Plimouth (10), combining clues 2 and 6 gives three possible arrangements. The first one is that Seal Harbor is on the horizon between the town showing fireworks at Atlantic Pier and Crab Harbor, with Plimouth then 45 and the town having its display at Courthouse Square 90 degrees counterclockwise from Henrytown. However, there is no way the three fireworks shows mentioned in clue 9--that clockwise from Mt. Franklin, Tideside's, the town's whose display is at Porpoise Park, and Fort Dudley's fireworks can be seen consecutively--can fit into this arrangement. The second one is that Seal Harbor is 45 degrees clockwise from Crab Point, with Plimouth then 45 degrees clockwise from Henrytown, whose fireworks would be held at Courthouse Square. Again, however, there is no way the three fireworks shows mentioned in clue 9 can fit into this arrangement. So, the third arrangement, that Atlantic Pier is the location for Seal Harbor's fireworks, with the Plimouth show 90 and the Courthouse Square display 45 degrees clockwise from Crab Point, remains. By clue 4, turning clockwise, Sam will see in consecutive order the fireworks held at Marley Mall, the display in Clearhaven, and the show at Whaler's Wharf. Combining clue 4 with clues 2 and 6, the Marley Mall show is in either Crab Point or Plimouth. If it were in Plimouth, with the Clearhaven fireworks then visible 45 degrees clockwise and the show at Whaler's Wharf in Henrytown, by clue 9, Tideside would lie between Seal Harbor and Crab Point on the horizon, with Crab Point's annual display at Porpoise Park and Fort Dudley's at Courthouse Square. By elimination, New Salem would lie between Henrytown and Seal Harbor on the horizon from Mt. Franklin. However, this would put New Salem and Fort Dudley 180 degrees apart--no (7). So, the Marley Mall display is in Crab Point, with Clearhaven's fireworks at Courthouse Square and Plimouth's at Whaler's Wharf (4). By clue 9, Sam will see Tideside's fireworks on the horizon between Plimouth's and Henrytown's, with Henrytown's display held at Porpoise Park and Fort Dudley's 45 degrees clockwise from Henrytown's. By elimination, the New Salem show will be visible between Seal Harbor's and Crab Point's. New Salem's display is at Grove Stadium (1). By clue 5, the display held at the Dunes Country Club in one town is due south of the fireworks at Cypress Beach. If the Cypress Beach fireworks were in Fort Dudley and Tideside's at Dunes Country Club, the Fort Dudley show would be to the NW from Mt. Franklin, making the New Salem Grove Stadium display to the NE, a conflict with clue 8. So, the Cypress Beach fireworks display is in Tideside and the Dunes Country Club one in Fort Dudley. Tideside must be NE and Fort Dudley SE of Mt. Franklin, so that going clockwise Henrytown is E, Seal Harbor S, New Salem SW, Crab Point W, Clearhaven NW, and Plimouth N of the vantage point. In sum, Sam will see the Liberty Island fireworks displays tonight from Mt. Franklin as follows:

  • NW -- Clearhaven at Courthouse Square
  • N -- Plimouth at Whaler's Wharf
  • NE -- Tideside at Cypress Beach
  • E -- Henrytown at Porpoise Park
  • SE -- Fort Dudley at Dunes Country Club
  • S -- Seal Harbor at Atlantic Pier
  • SW -- New Salem at Grove Stadium
  • W -- Crab Point at Marley Mall

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