Sam Freeman will celebrate the 4th of July by watching eight simultaneous fireworks displays.
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In celebration of Independence Day, Sam Freeman has figured out that he can see all eight fireworks displays being held on Liberty Island by climbing Mt. Franklin just before dusk. From there, Sam will be able to see the displays held in the eight island towns, which are on the horizon at points due NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W from atop Mt. Franklin. Each town's fireworks display will be held at a location within that town, variously at Atlantic Pier, Courthouse Square, Cypress Beach, Dunes Country Club, Grove Stadium, Marley Mall, Porpoise Park, and Whaler's Wharf. From the clues below about the view from atop the hill, can you determine how Sam will watch the festivities: the compass point at which each town lies from Mt. Franklin and the location within each town at which the 4th of July fireworks will be exploding?

  1. Grove Stadium isn't in Fort Dudley or Tideside.
  2. Sam will turn 90 degrees clockwise from the 4th of July explosions in Henrytown to see the fireworks set off on the Atlantic Pier in another town, then turn another 90 degrees clockwise to watch the display in Crab Point.
  3. Courthouse Square isn't Crab Point's fireworks venue.
  4. In consecutive order on the horizon turning clockwise Sam will see the fireworks at the Marley Mall, the display in Clearhaven, and the bombs bursting in air over Whaler's Wharf.
  5. The town where the Independence Day celebration will be held at Dunes Country Club is due south of the town whose festivities are at Cypress Beach.
  6. After watching the display in Seal Harbor, Sam can turn a full 180 degrees and watch the fireworks in Plimouth; if he then turns 45 degrees counterclockwise from Plimouth, he will see the event held at Courthouse Square in a third Liberty Island town.
  7. When Sam turns a full 180 degrees from the fireworks in Fort Dudley, the display he'll be watching won't be the one taking place in New Salem.
  8. The Grove Stadium display isn't the one that Sam will see NE of Mt. Franklin.
  9. In consecutive order on the horizon turning clockwise Sam will see the display in Tideside, then the event at Porpoise Park in another town, and then the fireworks over Fort Dudley.
  10. Atlantic Pier isn't in the town of Plimouth.