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Folk Hero Figurines
Sid Slapdash rearranges the 12 Polk Pottery pieces to suit himself.
June 27, 2005
From the introduction, the curio box holding the Folk Hero figurines is three rows by four columns, with the cubicles numbered 1-4 left-to-right in row 1, 5-8 left-to-right in row 2, and 9-12 left-to-right in row 3. By clue 3, the figurine for May is in one of the three cubicles in column 4; while by clue 13, the Mike Fink figurine is directly above the June figurine in that column. Since figurines for two consecutive months are never in adjacent cubicles vertically (clue 1), the June figurine can't be in the 2nd row or it would abut the May one. The June figurine is in cubicle 12, with the May one in 4; the Mike Fink figurine is in cubicle 8 (13). By clue 5, in one row of the curio box, these three figurines are in consecutive order: the Casey Jones one, the November offering, and the Annie Oakley figurine. By clue 2, in the top row of the box, the Stormalong figurine is to the immediate right of the one sent in December. Since figurines for two consecutive months are never in adjacent cubicles horizontally (1), the three in clue 5 cannot be in row 1 without November and December being in adjacent cubicles. Similarly, the bottom row of the curio box has the October offering immediately to the right of the Pecos Bill figurine (clue 8); there is no way for the three described in clue 5 to fit into row 3 without the figurines for October and November being next to each other. So, the three figurines in clue 5 are in the middle row, with Casey Jones in cubicle 5, the November one in 6, and Annie Oakley in 7. By clue 9, the Davy Crockett figurine is in cell 3 and the April one in cell 7. Since figurines for two consecutive months are never in adjacent cubicles vertically (1), in clue 8, the October figurine is in cubicle 11 with Pecos Bill in cubicle 10. In clue 2, December's offering is in cubicle 1 or cubicle 3. If the December figurine were in 1 and Stormalong in 2, by clue 4, the Molly Pitcher figurine would be in cubicle 11 and the Johnny Appleseed in 12. Since John Henry isn't November's subject (12), by clue 6, John Henry would be in cubicle 9 and the July figurine in 5. However, there is no way clue 10 can fit into this arrangement. In clue 2, therefore, the December figurine is in cubicle 3 and Stormalong in 4. By clue 10, Slue Foot Sue is in cubicle 2 and Paul Bunyan in 6. Then Molly Pitcher is in 11 and Johnny Appleseed in 12 (4). John Henry is in cubicle 9, with the July offering in 5 (6). By elimination, Daniel Boone is in cubicle 1. By clue 14, the figurine sent in March isn't in row 1; nor is it in row 2, or it would be next to the one for April, contradicting clue 1. The March figurine is in cubicle 9 or cubicle 10. Then the February figurine cannot be in row 3 without being next to the March one, which would conflict with clue 1. By clue 7, the February figurine does not touch the Annie Oakley figurine either horizontally or diagonally; the February offering must be Daniel Boone in cubicle 1. Then the January figurine can't be in cubicle 2 (1), nor is it next to the March offering in row 3 (140. The January edition is in cubicle 8. Since the Slue Foot Sue figurine isn't the September one (11), the September one must be in row 3--by clue 1, in cubicle 9. Then the March figurine is in 10 and the August one is of Slue Foot Sue. In sum, Sid Slapdash has the Folk Hero Figurines from the Polk Pottery arranged in the curio box as follows:

  • Row 1: Daniel Boone, February; Slue Foot Sue, August; Davy Crockett, December; Stormalong, May
  • Row 2: Casey Jones, July; Paul Bunyan, November; Annie Oakley, April; Mike Fink, January
  • Row 3: John Henry, September; Pecos Bill, March; Molly Pitcher, October; Johnny Appleseed, June

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