Folk Hero Figurines
Sid Slapdash rearranges the 12 Polk Pottery pieces to suit himself.
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When the Polk Pottery offered a series of 12 Folk Hero Figurines with accompanying curio box to hold them, Mrs. Sydney Slapdash immediately ordered the set, telling her husband Sidney that it would look great on the wall in his study. The curio box arrived first, followed by a different figurine, including one of Daniel Boone, each month January-December. Mrs. Slapdash placed each piece in its appropriate cubicle of the three row-by-four column curio box when it arrived, i.e., January's in cubicle 1 through December in 12 with the box cells numbered 1-4 left-to-right in top row 1, 5-8 left-to-right in middle row 2, and 9-12 in bottom row 3. No sooner did the last Folk Hero go into its calendar place, however, than Sid moved all the figurines around into an arrangement that better suited his "sense of proportion." Given the clues that follow, can you figure out how Sid has rearranged the Folk Heroes: which is in each cubicle of the curio box and for what month did Polk Pottery make the piece?

  1. No pieces for consecutive months are in adjacent horizontal or vertical cubicles of the curio box.
  2. In the top row, the Stormalong figurine is immediately to the right of the one for December.
  3. The piece Polk Pottery made for May is in the 4th column of the box.
  4. In one row of the box, the Johnny Appleseed figurine is immediately to the right of the Molly Pitcher one.
  5. In one row of the box, these three pieces are in consecutive cubicles left-to-right: the Casey Jones figurine, the November offering, and the one of Annie Oakley.
  6. In one column, the July figurine is directly above the John Henry figurine.
  7. The cubicle in which Sid has the figurine for February doesn't touch the cubicle in which he has placed the Annie Oakley piece in any way, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  8. In the bottom row, the Pecos Bill figurine is to the immediate left of the one Polk Pottery sent in October.
  9. In the 3rd column, the Davy Crockett piece is placed directly above the April offering.
  10. In one column of the box, the Slue Foot Sue figurine is directly above the Paul Bunyan.
  11. September's Folk Hero isn't Slue Foot Sue.
  12. John Henry isn't the Folk Hero for November.
  13. In the 4th column of the curio box, the June offering is directly below the Mike Fink figurine.
  14. The figurine for March isn't in the top row of the box, nor is it horizontally next to the January piece.