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Return to Woodstock
Five flower children turned responsible adults reunite at Woodstock.
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June 13, 2005
Last week, five friends who attended the 1969 Woodstock Festival gathered in the upper New York State town for a reunion, remembering the fun they had at the concert and catching up on what has happened to them in the 36 years since the famed love-in. As the five grown-up flower children reminisced, the recalled how each had a nickname--one being dubbed Happy--and how great the music was at the event. They also remarked that each now has a very responsible position that seems a long way from the carefree days of the concert--and that each came a long way, with no two traveling the same number of miles, to return to Woodstock. Given the clues below, can you reminisce with the five by finding each's full name, 1969 nickname, current career position, and distance traveled to return to Woodstock?

  1. Jean, who isn't the woman whose nickname was Dancer, traveled 200 more miles than Ms. Wilcox to attend the reunion; both say Jimi Hendrix was their favorite performer at the original concert.
  2. Ms. Barkley didn't come the fewest--300--miles.
  3. The woman who had the nickname Saffron traveled twice as far to the reunion as Ms. Hardin, who isn't Carol.
  4. The woman whose nickname in the '60's was Krazy Kat, who isn't Ms. Wilcox, and the woman who is now a U.S. Representative were both students at Summerset College in 1969.
  5. The woman once nicknamed Tattoo traveled 200 miles farther than the one who is now CEO of Moon Microsystems; they both name Janis Joplin as their favorite Woodstock performer.
  6. Neither Alice nor Linda is the woman who is a TV anchor today.
  7. Ms. Hardin isn't the one who is now a police chief.
  8. Teresa's nickname in 1969 wasn't Tattoo.
  9. Carol traveled 200 miles farther than the U.S. Representative to get back to Woodstock; the U.S. Representative says her favorite artist at the 1969 event was Arlo Guthrie.
  10. The woman whose nickname was once Dancer, who isn't Ms. Davis, and the TV anchor brought along photo albums chronicling the adventures of the five at the festival.
  11. The woman who came the most distance, who isn't now a TV anchor, traveled 1,000 miles to attend the reunion, coming farther than the woman who had the nickname Krazy Kat.
  12. Alice, who isn't the newspaper editor, and Ms. Simon both remember staying awake for 72 consecutive hours to catch all the concert acts.
  13. Ms. Davis isn't the reunion attendee who is now a CEO.

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