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The Dr. Bill Show
Dr. Bill solves people's problems on his nationally-syndicated TV program.
May 23, 2005
Three different shows are mentioned in each of clues 1 and 6, so there must be some overlap between the clues: either Velma has the daughter who wants to be an exotic dancer or Ms. Williams has the 40-year-old son at home. In the first case, then, combining clues 1 and 6, the issue about the 40-year-old son still at home would have been on Monday's show, Ms. Povich on Tuesday's, Velma on Wednesday's, Patsy on Thursday's, and Ms. Williams on Friday's. By clue 7, the "My boss is a tyrant" would have been on Tuesday. Then Ms. Springer would have been on Wednesday or Thursday (clue 4), with Ms. Jones the guest on the other of those two days (7). By elimination, therefore, Ms. Lake would have been Monday's guest, talking about the still-at-home son--no (2). So, the overlap between clues 1 and 6 must be that Ms. Williams has the 40-year-old son at home. Combining clues 1 and 6, then, we have the woman whose daughter wants to be an exotic dancer on Monday's Dr. Bill Show, Patsy on Tuesday's, Ms. Williams on Wednesday's, Ms. Povich on Thursday's, and Velma on Friday's. By clue 4, Ms. Springer was on Monday's program, and Patsy talked about her mother and the 16-year-old boyfriend on Tuesday. By clue 7, Ms. Povich's boss is a tyrant; and Ms. Jones is Velma. By elimination, Velma has the husband who is a bowling addict; and Patsy is Ms. Lake. Helen is Ms. Springer (3). By clue 5, Tess is Ms. Williams and Meg Povich. In sum, last week's Dr. Bill Show lineup was as follows:

  • Mon. - Helen Springer, "My daughter wants to be an exotic dancer"
  • Tue. - Patsy Lake, "My mother has a 16-year-old boyfriend"
  • Wed. - Tess Williams, "My 40-year-old son still lives at home"
  • Thu. - Meg Povich, "My boss is a tyrant"
  • Fri. - Velma Jones, "My husband is a bowling addict"

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