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Outlet Bargains
Shoppers save money with best buys from Summerset Outlets.
May 2, 2005
By clue 1, the five women spent a total of $240 with the smallest amount paid for an item $25. In clues 5 and 6, either four different shoppers are named, or Jenny bought her item at Expressions or Nina bought the windbreaker. In either of the last two arrangements, the least the three could have spent would have been $25, $50, and $100, leaving $65 for the other two shoppers to have spent. However, by clue 4, Leah can't be one of the three and had to spend at least $75 (clues 4, 1)--so there is no overlap between clues 5 and 6 and four different shoppers are given: Jenny spent twice as much as the friend who bought the windbreaker and Nina spent twice as much as the woman who bought something at Expressions. If Leah either bought the windbreaker or bought the item at Expressions, by clues 1 and 4 she would have spent at least $75 so that either Jenny (5) or Nina(6) would have spent $150--leaving only $15 for the other three to have spent. Therefore, Leah is the fifth woman to the four named in clues 5 and 6. In clue 4, then, the woman who bought something at Cricket must be Jenny, Nina, or the shopper who purchased the windbreaker. If she were Jenny or Nina, then the least that could have been spent by three of the women would be $25 (for the windbreaker or at Expressions), $50 (by Jenny or Nina at Cricket), and $100 (Leah)--a total of $175, leaving $65 for the other of Jenny or Nina who didn't buy at Cricket and her comparative in clue 5 or 6 to have spent. However, the $65 must be split 2X and X, so that X is less than $25. Therefore, the item purchased at Cricket is the windbreaker. Either it sold for $25 or the item purchased at Expressions did. If the item bought at Expressions cost $25, Nina would have spent $50--leaving $165 for the other three to have spent. Letting the windbreaker cost X, Jenny would have spent 2X and Leah X + 50, so that 4X + 50 = 165, or 4X = 115, so that X = 28.75. The windbreaker would have cost $28.75, Jenny would have spent $57.50, and Leah would have paid $78.75--but there is no way the difference of $10 in clue 3 can work. So, the windbreaker from Cricket cost $25. Jenny spent $50 (5) and Leah $75 (4), leaving $90 for Nina's and the Expression's purchases. By clue 6, Nina's 2X + the Expression item's X = 90, or X = 30. Nina spent $60, and the item from Expressions sold for $30. By clue 3, Nina bought the sweater, and Jenny shopped at Mango Nation. Neither Leah (2) nor the woman who bought something at Expressions (6) bought the purse; Jenny did. Leah bought shoes, and the woman who shopped at Expressions bought jeans (7). The latter is Marie, with Kami buying the windbreaker (7). By clue 8, Leah bought the shoes at Interval; and Nina made her outlet purchase at Ann Tyler. In sum, the five shoppers made purchases at Summerset Outlets as follows:

  • Leah, shoes from Interval for $75
  • Nina, sweater from Ann Tyler for $60
  • Jenny, purse from Mango Nation for $50
  • Marie, jeans from Expressions for $30
  • Kami, windbreaker from Cricket for $25

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