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On-line players build their fantasy characters in the popular computer game.
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March 7, 2005
Five gaming addicts from across the country recently joined their web Neverquest characters to undertake an on-line quest for the Lost City of Kumqu'aat. Each of the five has a different kind of character, and each character has a different Neverquest strength rating; none of the five has a perfect rating of 1,000. Given the clues below, can you search out each player's full name (one surname is Lucas), the city where he lives, the kind of character he plays in the game, and the character's Neverquest rating?

  1. At 400, Chad's character has the lowest strength rating.
  2. The St. Louis player's character has a rating 200 higher than the goblin has.
  3. Ben's character's rating is 100 lower than the character played by the man from Phoenix.
  4. Neither Platt nor Norton is the gamer who plays the troll in the quest.
  5. Ed's character, which isn't the elf, has a strength rating 200 higher than character created by the player from Los Angeles and 300 higher than the centaur.
  6. The druid's rating is 100 higher than that of Miller's game character.
  7. Alex and the players from Detroit and Los Angeles have made previous on-line quests together.
  8. Dave's character is rated 200 higher than Ortiz's, while Ortiz's game persona is rated 100 higher than the character played by the gamer from San Diego.
  9. Norton and the Los Angeles gamer have other well-developed Neverquest characters besides the ones in the quest for the Lost City of Kumqu'aat.

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