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Buy Orders
Five tech stock buys begin the day at Summerset Securities.
February 21, 2005
From the introduction, the five customers bought a total of 8,000 shares of stock, with no two buying the same number; the orders were placed at 9:30, 9:35, 9:40, 9:45, and 9:50. By clue 5, the Google order was placed at 9:50. By clue 1, the Amazon buyer purchased twice as many shares as the customer who placed the order 10 mins. before the Amazon one, which was then placed at 9:40 or 9:45. If it had been placed at 9:45 for twice as many shares as the 9:35 order, by clue 6, the Amazon and Intel orders would have been for the same number of shares, a conflict with the introduction. So, the Amazon order came in at 9:40. By clue 4, Mrs. Knotts' order was for twice as many shares as the order filled 5 mins. after hers. Mrs. Knotts couldn't have placed the 9:30 order or she would have bought Intel (clue 6), which she did not (4). Mrs. Knotts also didn't buy Amazon, since by clues 1 and 4 the 9:30 and 9:45 orders would have been for the same number of shares. Mrs. Knotts' order came at 9:35 or 9:45. If it were the 9:35 buy, then the 9:30 order would have been for X shares, the Amazon order for 2X (1), Mrs. Knotts' order for 4X (4), and the Intel order at 9:45 for 8X. By clue 7, the Dell buy of 500 shares was the least number of shares purchased; so the Dell order would have been at 9:30 for 500 shares, the Amazon purchase 1,000 shares, Mrs. Knotts' buy 2,000 shares, and the Intel buy 4,000 shares--a total of 7,500 shares, leaving the Google buy at 500 (8,000 in the introduction minus 7,500) and conflicting with the 500 share buy of Dell. So, Mrs. Knotts didn't place the 9:35 order; she placed her order at 9:45. Since she didn't buy Intel (4), by clue 6, the Intel order came in first. Since Mrs. Knotts' order wasn't for the fewest number of shares (4), she didn't buy Dell (7); she bought Microsoft, with the order for 500 shares of Dell placed at 9:35. Then the Intel buy was 1,000 shares (6) and the Amazon buy 2,000 (1). This totals 3,500 shares, leaving 4,500 for Mrs. Knotts' Microsoft and the Google purchases. By clue 4, the Google purchase was X shares and the Microsoft 2X, so that 3X = 4,500 and X = 1,500. 1,500 shares of Google and 3,000 of Microsoft were bought. By clue 3, Mr. Burger placed the 9:30 order and Mr. Childs the 9:35 one. Mrs. Smith placed the order for Amazon shares at 9:45 (2), and Mr. Woodson bought Google at 9:50. In sum, the buy orders were executed as follows:

  • 9:30 - Mr. Burger, 1,000 shares of Intel
  • 9:35 - Mr. Childs, 500 shares of Dell
  • 9:40 - Mrs. Smith, 2,000 shares of Amazon
  • 9:45 - Mrs. Knotts, 3,000 shares of Microsoft
  • 9:50 - Mr. Woodson, 1,500 shares of Google

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