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Super Bowl Party
A tight game and tasty food make the Super Bowl more super.
February 7, 2005
Three of the Super Bowl Party partygoers are given in clue 1: Jim, McNabb, and the Ravens fan. Owens isn't Jim (clue 5) or the Ravens fan (12), so he is the fourth partygoer to the three in clue 1. The Giants fan isn't McNabb (4), Jim (8), or Owens (12) and is the fifth fan. By clue 7, Westbrook is the Jets fan; he must be Jim. Then McNabb cheers for the Steelers and Owens for the Cowboys (4). McNabb brought Buffalo wings to the party (2). Ken brought pepperoni pizza to the party (11). Ken isn't the Cowboys fan Owens (5) or the Giants fan (8), so he roots for the Ravens. Cowboys fan Owens didn't provide red hot chili or stuffed jalapenos (6); he brought a 6' cold cut sub. Owens then isn't Lou or Norm (2) and is Mike. By clue 9, Lou is a Giants fan and Norm McNabb. Also by clue 9, Lou brought the stuffed jalapenos, with Jim contributing the red hot chili. Finally, by clue 10, Lou is Dillon and Ken Brady. In sum, the Super Bowl guests brought food as follows:

  • Jim Westbrook, Jets, red hot chili
  • Ken Brady, Ravens, pepperoni pizza
  • Lou Dillon, Giants, stuffed jalapenos
  • Mike Owens, Cowboys, 6' cold cut sub
  • Norm McNabb, Steelers, Buffalo wings

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