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Sid Slapdash Around the House: Oops! Wrong Wall!
No wallpaper gets in the right room when Sid is doing the rolling.
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January 31, 2005
After the painting fiasco in July (see Logic Problem #123) when Sid Slapdash mixed up the colors, his wife Sydney decided to repair some of the damage by wallpapering five of the rooms. Mrs. Slapdash picked a different pattern for each room, wrote down very specific instructions for Sid, and took the children for a week's visit to her mother in Florida. Unfortunately, Sid misplaced the instructions--but he has a good memory and remembered what wallpaper goes where. Wrong. No room actually was done in the intended pattern but rather in one of the other four. Given the clues below, can you solve this off-the-wall Logic Puzzle and decide the surprise Mrs. Slapdash received when she returned: each pattern, which room it was intended for, and which room Sid wallpapered it with?

  1. The five patterns are "Jasmine," the patterns picked for the living room and the kitchen, and the wallpaper Sid used in the master bath and kitchen.
  2. The room--not the guest bedroom--Mrs. Slapdash meant to be done in "Palace Green" ended up being papered in "Desert Rose."
  3. The dining room didn't end up wallpapered with "Flight."
  4. The pattern Sydney picked for the dining room isn't the one that Sid rolled in the master bath.
  5. "San Clemente" isn't the pattern chosen for the kitchen and isn't the one Sid used there.
  6. The wallpaper that ended up in the Slapdashes' dining room isn't the pattern bought for the master bath.
  7. The room Mrs. Slapdash intended to be done with "Flight" isn't the one Sid did with "San Clemente."
  8. The wallpaper design Mrs. Slapdash carefully chose for the kitchen didn't end up there, of course, nor did it end up in the guest bedroom.
  9. The pattern picked for the master bath isn't "Desert Rose."
  10. Sid did not wallpaper any pair of rooms by simply exchanging the two patterns between them.

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