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Five couples announce their wedding plans in the local newspaper.
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January 24, 2005
In Sunday's Summerset Sentinel, five couples, including Miss Meyers and her fiance, announced their wedding engagements. All five couples, including Mr. Hanson and his intended, plan weddings later in 2005, with each announcing a different month for the big event. Given the following information, can you decide the full names of each woman and man and in which month they will be married? (Note: times between weddings are given in full months so that April is one month before May, May is two months before July, etc.)

  1. Ben and his fiancee are having their wedding two months before Sara and her intended, who will be getting married one month before Mr. Knott and his fiance tie the knot.
  2. Miss Owens will be a bridesmaid at Tina's wedding
  3. Miss Parker and her fiance plan to marry the month after Alex and his intended do.
  4. Neither Mr. Jones nor Mr. Lopez is Rhonda's husband-to-be.
  5. Miss Noone and her fiance set their wedding date for three months earlier than Chad and his wife-to-be.
  6. Eric and his fiancee set a date two months earlier than Miss Quinn and her future husband, while the latter couple decided on a date three months earlier than that chosen by Vicki and her intended.
  7. Mr. Goldman and the future Mrs. Goldman will be married one month before Wendy and her fiance.
  8. David, who isn't Mr. Jones, isn't Miss Quinn's fiance.
  9. Vicki isn't the future Mrs. Knott.
  10. The earliest wedding will be in April and the last in December, which isn't the month announced by Miss Owens and her fiance.

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