Word Square 5
Recover this BEARish Word Square from the letter location clues.
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Word Square 5 is a 5x5 grid into which the letters in the word BEAR have been written so that each letter occurs once and only once in each row and column of the square. The letters may or may not be scrambled in a row or column, and a space appears somewhere in each row and column to fill the grid. An example of a Word Square with the word HELP is

H  L P E
P H E  L
L E P H  
 L H E P
E P  L H

Given the clues about letter and space locations that follow, you should be able to reconstruct Word Square 5. (Note: letter locations are given without regard to the spaces; for example, the 3rd letter in column 1 would mean the letter in either the 3rd or 4th row, depending on where the space is.)

  1. The 1st letter in row 4 isn't B.
  2. A is the 2nd letter down column 2.
  3. E is the 4th letter across row 4.
  4. R is the 4th letter down both columns 1 and 4.
  5. Across row 4, the B appears earlier than the space.
  6. The 2nd letter in row 3 is B.
  7. The 1st letter in row 3 isn't E.
  8. A is the 2nd letter across row 2.
  9. The 3rd letter across row 1 is E
  10. B is the 1st letter down column 4.