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High School wrestlers compete in the 2004 holiday event.
January 10, 2005
From the introduction, four wrestlers won in the first round, two of those winners won in the semifinals, and one wrestler won the championship; therefore, the champion wrestler won three matches, the championship loser won two, and the semifinal losers each won one. By clue 1, Will won at least two matches, both by pins; while by clue 5, Jericho won at least two matches, both on decisions. Therefore, Will and Jericho met for the championship. Further, from clues 1 and 5, Will won by pin and Jericho by decision in the semifinals. By clue 4, Jeff pinned the wrestler from Turtle Creek, then lost an 11-5 decision to the wrestler from Pine Valley. Jeff's loss must have been in the semifinals to Jericho. So, Jeff defeated the Turtle Creek entrant in the first round and lost to Pine Valley's Jericho on an 11-5 decision in the semifinals. In clue 5, then, Jericho's 3-2 win over the North Forest wrestler must have been in the final against Will, with Jeff being Angle. By clue 1, then, Will pinned McMahon in the opening round and pinned the High Tor wrestler in the semifinals. By clue 8, Chris pinned Hogan in one match. From what we know so far, that match must have been in the first round, so Chris is either Jericho or the wrestler from High Tor--by clue 1, Jericho. By clue 3, then, Rick must be the High Tor wrestler, defeating the Fall River entrant in an opening round match. By clue 9, Jeff wrestles for Wild Lake and won over Bill in the first round. By clue 2, Foley's only win came against Tom; Foley must be Rick, with Tom from Fall River High. By clue 7, then, Will must be Slaughter and Mark McMahon. By elimination, Ken is Hogan. Ken isn't from Rocky Mount High (clue 6), so Mark is; Ken wrestles for Seal Bay. Finally, by clue 3, Bill is Benoit and Tom Graham. In sum, the Cozy Valley Holiday Wrestling Tournament results are as follows:

  • First Round:
  • Chris Jericho, Pine Valley, def. Ken Hogan, Seal Bay
  • Jeff Angle, Wild Lake, def. Bill Benoit, Turtle Creek
  • Will Slaughter, North Forest, def. Mark McMahon, Rocky Mount
  • Rick Foley, High Tor, def. Tom Graham, Fall River
  • Semifinals:
  • Chris Jericho, Pine Valley, def. Jeff Angle, Wild Lake
  • Will Slaughter, North Forest, def. Rick Foley, High Tor
  • Finals:
  • Chris Jericho, Pine Valley, def. Will Slaughter, North Forest

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