Hoops Champs
Wildcats win Windy City Yule classic on buzzer-beating shot.
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The Wild Lake Wildcats girls basketball team won the Windy City Christmas Tournament title with a thrilling 64-63 victory over the River Hill Running Rebels. The five starters (two guards, two forwards, and center), including Rhonda, scored all the points for the Wildcats. From the scorer's book below, can you determine each player's full name (one last name is Carter) and position and how many points she scored in the championship shootout?

  1. Three of the Wildcats scored in double figures.
  2. The Kidd girl hit six 3-point shots in the second half to rally the team from a 27-20 halftime deficit.
  3. The Iverson girl doesn't play guard.
  4. One of the forwards scored twice as many points as the other forward.
  5. Jenny scored twice as many points as one of the guards, who tallied twice as many points as the other guard.
  6. Erin isn't one of the forwards.
  7. The Duncan girl scored 8 more points than the Miller girl.
  8. Alice, who isn't the Iverson girl, didn't score the most points for the 'Cats.
  9. Kerrie didn't attempt any 3-point or foul shots and hit fewer than half of the 7 2-point shots she took during the game.