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Last Friday evening, the Summerset Singers, a local chorale, sang traditional Christmas carols on several streets in town. At each of the five homes on the north side of Holly Lane--which the carolers visited in order west-to-east 101, 103, 105, 107, and 109--they were rewarded for the song they sang with a different Christmas food or drink treat. Can you solve this Christmas Logic Puzzle Challenger by determining the carol sung at each house, the name of the family who lives there, and the treat they gave the singers?

  1. The house where the carolers sang "O Holy Night" isn't the one where they received truffles as their just desserts.
  2. The home where the group performed "The First Noel" is next door to the houses where the Wanamakers and the family who treated the carolers with shortbread cookies live.
  3. The Macy residence, which isn't 101 Holly Lane, isn't where "O Holy Night" was sung.
  4. The Nordstroms and the family who gifted the singers with mulled cider live on either side of the family who heard "Joy to the World".
  5. After singing at the house where they enjoyed truffles for their performance, the chorale moved next door to the Hecht home for their next carol.
  6. The house where the singers sang "We Three Kings" is adjoined by the homes of the Fields family and the family who warmed the group with hot chocolate.
  7. The family who heard "Joy to the World", who aren't the Macys, didn't treat the carolers to the shortbread cookies.
  8. The Nordstroms aren't the ones who served hot chocolate to the chorale.
  9. The house where the singers enjoyed roasted chestnuts, which isn't the Fields residence, isn't the one where they performed "The First Noel".
  10. The Summerset Singers' Holly Lane rendition of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" wasn't at the Hecht home.