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Cell Phone Calls
Why pay phones are fast disappearing.
November 22, 2004
By clue 3, three consecutive calls were to Odeon Cinema, Doobie Records, and by Nina. By clue 1, Jenny made a call and then another girl called Poppi's Pizza; since Nina didn't call Poppi's Pizza (clue 6), there is no way for clues 1 and 3 to overlap. So, either the calls in clue 3 are the 1st-3rd and those in clue 1 4th and 5th; or the calls in clue 1 are 1st and 2nd and those in clue 3 are 3rd-5th. Trying the first case, calls would have been in order 1st-5th the one to the Odeon Cinema, the one to Doobie Records, Nina's, Jenny's, and the one to Poppi's Pizza. By clue 4, then, Lisa would have called Doobie Records; and Nina would have called Alice to ask about algebra homework. By clue 2, Kaci would have called to order a pizza, so that Marie would have placed the 1st call--no (5). So, clues 1 and 3 give the following 1st-5th order: Jenny's call, the call to Poppi's Pizza, the call to the Odeon Theater, the call to Doobie Records, and Nina's call. Lisa called Doobie Records, and Nina called Alice about algebra homework (4). By elimination, Jenny called her boyfriend Ben. Finally, Kaci ordered a pizza and Marie called the Odeon (2). In sum, the five cell phone calls were made in order:

  • 1st -- Jenny called her boyfriend Ben
  • 2nd -- Kaci called Poppi's Pizza
  • 3rd -- Marie called the Odeon Theater
  • 4th -- Lisa called Doobie Records
  • 5th -- Nina called Alice about algebra homework

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