Cell Phone Calls
Why pay phones are fast disappearing.
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Last Friday, as Erin and five friends were shopping at Summerset Mall, she lent her Verizon cell phone to each of the others in turn 1st-5th so that each could make an "emergency" phone call. One girl called her boyfriend Ben to verify their Friday night lights football game date. Given the calling records below, can you deduce the 1st-5th order in which the girls phoned and whom or where each called?

  1. Immediately after Jenny "hung up" the phone, one girl called Poppi's Pizza to order a spinach Alfredo pizza delivered to her home.
  2. Kaci's call wasn't to the Odeon Theater.
  3. In consecutive order first-to-last, these three calls were made: one to the Odeon Theater to find out Friday's last showing of The Incredibles, a call to Doobie Records inquiring whether the latest Smashed Squash album was available, and Nina's call.
  4. Right after Lisa made her call, another girl called her classmate Alice to ask about algebra homework.
  5. Marie didn't make the 1st call.
  6. Nina's Verizon call wasn't to Poppi's Pizza.