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Sid Slapdash, Substitute Teacher
Slapdash's Rule says that everything that can go wrong will--and it does in today's Logic Puzzle..
November 8, 2004
By clue 5, the student who deserved an F mistakenly received a B from Mr. Slapdash. The student who mistakenly received an A would also have gotten a higher than deserved mark. By clue 1, then, the other three students who were misgraded all received lower marks than they should have. By clue 2, the child who deserved a C did not get an A. So, the student who should have received the C got either a D or an F--by clue 7, a D. By clue 1, Sid didn't simply mix up two grades, so the one who deserved a B didn't get an F. The one who deserved a B also didn't receive a C (clue 3) and thus erroneously received the A. Then, since no two received each other's marks (1), the one who got the C deserved an A; and the one who got an F deserved a D. By clue 9, Ian got a higher grade than he should have; since he didn't deserve a B (3), he must have merited an F but gotten a surprising B. In clue 2, then, where all five are named, Ian must be the Price boy. Since Justin didn't earn a C as his actual grade (4), he must be the student in clue 2 who got the report card A. By clue 6, the Tall girl must be the one who received an F instead of a hard-earned D; she is Leslie in clue 2. By clue 8, Mandy deserved a C and got a D. By elimination, Kami went from an A to a C; in clue 2, she is the Rock girl. Mandy's last name is Quinn, and Justin's is Smith (8). In sum, Sid Slapdash, substitute teacher, gave out wrong grades as follows:

  • Ian Price deserved an F, received a B
  • Justin Smith deserved a B, received an A
  • Kami Rock deserved an A, received a C
  • Leslie Tall deserved a D, got an F
  • Mandy Quinn deserved a C, received a D

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