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Sid Slapdash, Substitute Teacher
Slapdash's Rule says that everything that can go wrong will--and it does in today's Logic Puzzle..
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November 8, 2004
When Sid Slapdash substituted for the 6th grade math teacher at Summerset Middle School last week, he found that he needed to finish putting grades on the report cards of five students (boys Ian and Justin and girls Kami, Leslie, and Mandy). Unfortunately, Sid was distracted by a paper airplane flying across the classroom and gave each student a different grade from what he or she deserved. The five, including the Quinn youngster, were each to get different grade--and each did. Given the clues below, can you unscramble Sid Slapdash's report card snafu: what grade (A, B, C, D, or F) should each have gotten and which grade did he or she take home last week?

  1. No two students simply received each other's grades. Two of the five got higher grades than they deserved, making their parents at least temporarily happy, while three ended up with lower grades when Mr. Slapdash erred.
  2. The five students are Leslie, the Rock girl, the Price boy, the student who deserved a C, and the one who mistakenly got an A.
  3. The student who deserved a B, who isn't Ian, isn't the one who took home a C on the report card.
  4. The grade Justin earned isn't a C.
  5. The student who should have received an F was ecstatic when a B appeared instead.
  6. The Tall girl, who isn't the one who should have gotten an A, isn't the one who got a D in error.
  7. The student who got the mistaken F isn't the one who rightfully expected a C.
  8. Mandy, who didn't take home a C, and the Smith child both told Mr. Slapdash there was a mistake, but Sid told them to discuss it with their regular math teacher.
  9. Ian received a higher mark than he should have.

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