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"High School Quiz Bowl"
Local teams compete in a first-round match on the long-running academic TV show.
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November 1, 2004
On Saturday's showing of "High School Quiz Bowl," teams from Maple Mill, Sierra Vista, and Wild Lake high schools competed in a first round match, buzzing to answer a variety of history, geography, mathematics, and science questions for points. Each school's TV team is composed of three players, one of whom is captain; in Saturday's contest, five boys (Chad, Dave, Greg, Mike, Will) and four girls (Anne, Beth, Grace, Jen) competed. On the set, the teams are seated in a semicircle, each team as a group with one team in chairs 1-3, the second team in chairs 4-6, and the third team in chairs 7-9 left-to-right as viewed on television; each team's captain sits in the middle chair between his or her teammates. From the viewing guide below, can you deduce the complete seating arrangement for last Saturday's "Quiz Bowl": the full name (one surname is Wilcox) of each player and where he or she sat (and thus where each team sat) during the contest?

  1. These five competitors were flanked only by teammates in the seating arrangement: Beth, Chad, Miss Updike, Mr. Zellar, and Lopez.
  2. Both Grace and the Rowan girl are in their third years of playing for their schools on TV.
  3. During the visual round, Goldman outbuzzed the Wild Lake team to identify Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party.
  4. Greg was flanked on the set by Dave and a player for the opposing Sierra Vista squad.
  5. Zellar beat the Maple Mill team on the buzzer to answer the question, "Where in the world would Carmen Sandiego find Angkor Wat?"
  6. Mike, who isn't Goldman, sat next to the Miller girl during the game.
  7. Finley, who didn't sit in chair 3, isn't on the Wild Lake team.
  8. Chad, who isn't on the Sierra Vista squad, isn't his team's captain.
  9. Will was flanked in the seating by Anne and a player for opponents Maple Mill.
  10. After the match, Simpson, who isn't Chad, congratulated opponents Maple Mill on their winning performance.
  11. The Updike girl doesn't captain her team.
  12. One of the three teams is composed of three boys, while the other two are coed.

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