"Melt Down"
Which reality TV contestant loses the most weight?
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In the recently concluded season of the reality TV show "Melt Down," five contestants vied to lose the most weight in a 10-week period. Each of the five started the program at a different weight, with the lightest man at 300 lbs. and the heaviest at 400 lbs; and each used a different diet and exercise plan to shed pounds. Given the stats below, can you deduce each contestant's full name, original weight, weight loss, and weight at the final weigh-in on "Melt Down"?

  1. Jack weighed more at the final weigh-in than either Mr. Runner or Mr. Atkins did at the start of the reality series.
  2. Ken finished his weight loss program at 245 lbs.
  3. Mr. Scales lost 20% of his initial weight during the show, ending at the number of pounds Hal weighed at the beginning of the contest.
  4. Mr. Runner was a svelte 225 lbs. when he stepped on the "Melt Down" scales for the final time.
  5. Mr. Pound lost the most weight during the show, shedding 30% of his debut weight; Fred ended up losing an even higher percentage of his original weight than Pound.
  6. Mr. Craig weighed 25 lbs. more than George at the first "Melt Down" weigh-in and 40 lbs. more at the series final weigh-in.
  7. Among them the five men lost 390 lbs., with the least weight shed being 50 lbs.